About Us
Get special treatment by the most valuable professionals.

Who We Are?

Living Better Wellness was started by a local family who learned how difficult it is coordinating care for their mother without being available 24/7. We’ve been there and don’t want our neighbors to experience the same issues we did.  It is our promise to provide you or your loved ones the care you deserve  – everyday.

We are not:

A cookie-cutter, home health care company that provides the same services for everyone.

We are:

A group of caring professionals who understands that each of our clients is unique and requires personalized care.

We understand that you may be experiencing changes in your physical health or cognitive processing that can be confusing and complicated. These changes, caused by the natural aging process or medical issues, can often be overcome with a helping hand and loving heart so you can stay as active as possible. Our main concerns are for your physical safety, daily needs and mobility to allow you to live your life to the fullest and in the comfort of your own home.

What our clients say